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Future Tenant

What are the typical lease terms offered by landlords?

When it comes to lease terms, we aim to provide flexible options tailored to the specific needs of our tenants while ensuring a fair and mutually beneficial agreement for both parties. Here are some typical lease terms offered by Alma Property:

  1. Proposed Use: The lease agreement specifies the intended use of the leased premises, ensuring compatibility with zoning regulations and neighbouring properties.

  2. Annual Net Rent: This is the base rent payable by the tenant annually, excluding any additional charges such as outgoings.

  3. Outgoings: Tenants may be responsible for certain outgoings, including utilities, property taxes, insurance, and maintenance fees. These would be outlined in the lease agreement.

  4. Marketing Contribution: In some cases, tenants may be required to contribute to marketing efforts for the property, promoting foot traffic and visibility.

  5. Annual Increasing: Rent may be subject to annual increases based on predetermined escalations or market conditions, providing landlords with a fair return on investment.

  6. Market Review: Periodic market reviews may be conducted to ensure that the rent remains competitive and reflective of current market conditions.

  7. Turnover Rent: For retail tenants, turnover rent based on a percentage of gross sales may be applicable in addition to the base rent.

  8. Deposit/Security Bond: A deposit or security bond is collected upon signing the lease to safeguard against any potential damages or defaults by the tenant.

  9. Personal Guarantees: Landlords may require personal guarantees from the tenant's directors or principals, assuring lease obligations.

  10. Fit-Out Period: Tenants may be granted a fit-out period to customize the leased premises according to their business needs, with allowances for improvements and alterations.

  11. Lease Incentives: Incentives such as rent-free periods or contributions towards fit-out costs may be offered to attract tenants and facilitate lease agreements.

  12. Summary of Assets and Liabilities: Upon request, landlords may provide a summary of assets and liabilities related to the leased premises, ensuring transparency in financial matters.

At Alma Property, we strive to provide transparent, fair, and flexible lease terms to accommodate the diverse needs of our tenants. Our experienced team is dedicated to facilitating smooth transactions and fostering long-term relationships with our valued tenants.

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