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Future Tenant

Is a financing alternative available when leasing a space via a landlord?

Alma Property understands that securing financing for leasehold improvements or other business needs can be a crucial aspect for tenants. While landlords typically don't directly offer financing alternatives themselves, tenants may explore financing options through third-party lenders or financial institutions to support their leasing endeavors.

Tenants leasing commercial real estate properties in the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Northern NSW, and Queensland regions for various purposes such as food and beverage, retail, medical, or office use may consider seeking financing for:

  1. Tenant Improvement Allowance: Landlords may provide a tenant improvement allowance, which is a contribution towards the cost of customizing or renovating the leased premises to suit the tenant's needs. This allowance can be used to cover expenses such as construction, renovation, and installation of fixtures and equipment.

  2. Leasehold Improvement Financing: Tenants can seek financing from third-party lenders or financial institutions to cover the costs of leasehold improvements. These loans are typically secured by the lease agreement and may require the tenant to provide collateral or personal guarantees.

  3. Equipment Financing: If the tenant requires specialized equipment or machinery for their business operations, they may secure equipment financing to cover the purchase or lease costs. This type of financing is independent of the lease agreement and can be obtained from equipment manufacturers, banks, or specialized lenders.

  4. Working Capital Loans: Tenants may require additional funds for operational expenses, inventory purchases, or marketing efforts related to their leased space. Working capital loans can provide the necessary financing to support day-to-day business activities and ensure smooth operations.

  5. Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans: Small businesses leasing commercial space may qualify for SBA loans, which offer favorable terms and flexible repayment options. These loans can be used to finance leasehold improvements, equipment purchases, and other business expenses associated with the leased space.

While Alma Property does not directly provide financing, our team can offer guidance and support by connecting tenants with trusted financial partners or providing referrals to reputable lenders familiar with commercial real estate financing in the region. We strive to assist tenants in finding the resources they need to successfully establish and grow their businesses in our leased

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